Sustainability & Sport

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Healthy Planet, Happy People, Good Business.

Radius connects sustainability and sport to help communities, nurture the environment, and create economic growth. We provide sustainability consulting within the sports industry based on practical business operations, savvy marketing, smart analytics, and sustainability expertise. We help organizations thrive.

Our Partners:

  • Sports Teams

  • Sports Franchises

  • Golf Courses

  • Management Companies

  • Athletic & Country Clubs

  • Venues, Arenas, Stadiums

  • Tournaments & Events

  • Suppliers

  • Sponsor Partners

  • Governing Bodies & Associations

  • Municipalities


Partnering together for extraordinary results.

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Since 2010, our parent company, ARCUS, has worked with Fortune 500 companies and sports properties to activate marketing, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms. Organizations are seeking ways to show shared values with customers, fans, communities, employees, and legislators. Sport is a way to connect with one another, build character, and respect. It is a natural foundation to create opportunities for all people and to protect the planet in which we live. Radius is focused on this intersection between sport and sustainability.


Radius helps organizations 'do good' and delivers on the bottom-line. We help drive operational efficiencies, conservation of natural resources, energy and waste reduction, promotion of biodiversity and clean energy, responsible governance and supply chains, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, revenue growth, and cost reductions.


High Performance and Sustainability.


our services

Whether you’re looking to start sustainability initiatives and establish a baseline, or are ready to share your CSR story, we are committed to partnering with you to drive extraordinary results.

Our Services:

  • CSR Reporting

  • Sustainability Assessments

  • Sustainability Case Studies

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Sustainability Road Maps

  • Carbon Footprints

  • Project Management

  • Executive Retreats

  • Innovation Challenges

  • Governance Advisory

  • Community Engagement

  • Education/STEM Programs

  • Sustainable Events

  • Leadership Training

  • Employee Engagement

  • Supplier Diversity Strategy

  • BMP Implementation

  • Seminars & Workshops

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Cause Marketing

  • Sustainability Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Millennial Business Strategy

  • Fan Engagement Programs

  • Partnership Development

  • Civic Relations

  • Certification Assessments


from our partners

We are proud to partner with Radius, they operate as part of our team. Working with them has heightened awareness of our sustainability initiatives, resulting in happy members, staff, and greater efficiencies.
— Patrick Finlen, General Manager, The Olympic Club
Radius is helping us demonstrate the environmental benefits of our race cars on the track and integrate hands-on STEM learning programs for youth in our dealerships’ communities.
— John Doonan, Director of Motorsports, Mazda North America
It is important to align with organizations that understand the business case for venues and partner organizations to operate sustainably. Radius does.
— Chris DeVolder, Senior Vice President, HOK
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