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PartnershipS & INITIATIVES

New Hawaii Golf Course Maintenance BMP Handbook Promotes Performance and Sustainability - Radius partners with the Hawai’i Golf Course Superintendents Association (HGCSA) to release first BMP guide aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Visit the Hawai'i Golf BMP microsite and Read the BMP Handbook publication or Access the Press Release

Sustainability is central to the mission of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel & Golf Course - learn more in this Luxury Escapes interview with sustainability expert, Gina Rizzi, president of Radius Sports Group - Read More

The ModGolf Podcast interviews Gina Rizzi, Principal of Radius Sports Group. Gina speaks with host, Colin Weston, about the intersection of business, entrepreneurship, sports, sustainability, and golf. Listen Here

Radius Partner Awarded the 2018 Environmental Leaders in Golf National Award for a Resort Course by the Golf Course Superintendents Association and Golf Digest - Read More

PGA of America Partners with Radius Sports Group to Elevate Supplier Inclusion Program - Read More

Read more on the PGA of America and Radius Sports Group Partnership at PGA of America WE ARE GOLF Sport Sustainability Journal

World Golf Foundation Convenes Historic Supplier Diversity Conference - Read More

Successful PGA of America Event Provides Sourcing Opportunities to Local and Diverse-Owned Businesses in Support of Bethpage Black Championship - Read More

Southern Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association (SNGCSA) Partners with Radius Sports Group to Complete Nevada Golf Maintenance Best Management Practices Handbook - Read More

Golf Course Superintendents Association of Southern California hosts Gina Rizzi, Principal of Radius Sports Group, and President of ARCUS Marketing Group, to speak on teamwork, innovation, engagement, and how to market yourself. - Read More